If you don’t know what is a torrent and how is it work? Let me explain it to you first. Then I’ll tell you about who and why block the world biggest torrent site.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent file is a file, which contains all the details of the file which we need e.g on which machines(nodes) on the network subpart of the file which we need is kept. Let’s make an example:

Suppose you want to download a movie via torrent. You go to some popular websites (kickassTorrents, The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz).

You chose the file with best comments and downloads. And press download button to get the torrent file. After torrent file downloading. You double click on the file (assumed you have the torrent software) and it automatically loads on the torrent software.

You press start to start downloading. And the game begins. When you are getting good speed e.g 500/kbs or 1Mb or more, you become happy and sometimes you post a screenshot of torrent speed on Fb. Just kidding.

Now the question is how the torrent file is downloading?
First, we should know what is the torrent file and what is in it?

What is a Torrent file?

Keeping the example continue, when you download the torrent file for the movie, A file downloaded.
This file contains metadata of file and peers Ids and IP.  This file has a table in which peers(machines on the network which contain subparts of the movie) information is maintained.

Above in the image, computers are peers, and that file contains their IPs with file parts.

Computer 1 id          IP                  File Starting Index Column      File Ending Index Column

Computer 1 id                         0                         528

Computer 2 id          IP                  File Starting Index Column       File Ending Index Column

Computer 2 id                      528                      1000

IP tells the location/address of the computer on the network. File starting index column tells about the file content start and ending index column tells ending content. Again I assume, A file content starts from 0 to 1000 and it has only two peers. A file can be distributed in many peers. This way of distributing the file and downloading follow a protocol/rule which is known as peer to peer connection. In this protocol don’t need the main server, files are distributed on all the networks in parts/slices.   To learn more about P2P protocol  P2P Protocol.

As you see all the computers are connected to the internet or any sort of connection to share the file with each other and even If one computer is not responding the file keep downloading on, torrent is very smart software. It downloads the movie(example) file in slices/parts and then intelligently rearrange the slices/parts and our file(movie) download completely.

Who manages the File parts Information?

Now as you can see a tracker is there. Who is a tracker and what are the functions of it?
These trackers can be a server/machine who is maintaining the file parts/slices addresses, sizes, their starting content, and ending. It is responsible who tells which file part is kept on the server. Note a part/slice can contain either all content or some content. So it manages all and keep updating the information in the table. One of the biggest torrents site is Kickass.



Why were Kickass-Torrents brought down by the US Government?

Kickass torrent is a torrent website that is based on its massive user-contributed(peers) torrents, as all the data of torrents is provided by the users Kickass torrent acts as a Search Engine to find the torrents(parts/slices). It became the biggest Torrent directory on the web in November 2014 according to website ranking by Alexa-Internet Inc.

Alexa is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. But with success comes big responsibility, as people uploaded torrents of different copyrighted material kickass torrents had to face a lot of Lawsuits including data privacy and copyright. Because of too many lawsuits, the US government seized the website domain on 20 July 2016 and the website proxy servers were shut down by its staff.

But Don’t Need To Worry Because Kickass Torrent is Back!

After all, that law issues kickass torrent’s former staff members uploaded the website again on another domain using the same servers which were used before and all the torrents data and user records were backed up and restored again.US government had access to a few servers so they couldn’t shut down all of them.

Go to the official Link given below. Visit Website

How to download a torrent file?

Watch Video how to download torrent From Kickass Torrents;

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