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So we all know PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited), and some of us use their internet service – Still. And On Saturday night one of the main underwater internet fiber lines got damaged due to sea animals interfering with them.

According to the information provided a Spokesman from PTCL:

“There has been some major flaw in the IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe) near Saudia Arabia”.

While some others said that the flaw has affected the countries whole internet infrastructure. And before IMEWE, two other underwater cables, SEAMEWE4 and TW1 were down for the past few months due to the same flaws.

Due to the other two not working properly Pakistan could only use SEMEWE3, SEMEWE5, and AAE1 submarine cables, from which SEMEWE3 has limited capacity – in terms of bandwidth. And SEMEWE5 and AAE1 are still in their initial phases and can’t be used to handle the load of many countries.

And when these to start working as well the Internet speeds available via wire will reach limits Pakistani people have never come by with.

But finally, after all that suffering the internet is back and working properly.

Some Common Questions people asked on the Internet

 Question  1: Why is YouTube and Google Working Fine and Other website aren’t?

Well that’s because YouTube videos are buffered before playing means you’re video is downloaded first and then played this happens in real-time, YouTube reduces the video quality to provide a smooth playback to its users. While Google, on the other hand, is optimized for these things and can’t index into web pages but still shows you accurate results.

Question 2: What? Do we have only one Submarine wire connecting Pakistan to the internet?

There were some guys who were so frustrated because they couldn’t watch the Game Of Thrones episode this Sunday and started cursing PTCL and other officials. But my friends because of the SEMEWE3 we were getting the internet – ok that wasn’t enough for us to watch this week’s GOT episode but what can we do. There were some Dragon Ball Fans Too like me.

Question 3: Should I Shift to Another Network?

For Those Who Don’t Know, other networks get the Internet from PTCL as well, but they seem to provide better internet speeds at reasonable rates. If you ask me I’d say PTCL works fine, it does have some problems, but they aren’t pretty often.


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