Let’s start the article with a simple question. Have you ever imagined if AI extinct for a single day? 

There are dozens of things around you completely dependent on technology. Tiny sensors engraved into walls, household devices, eating, speaking, working, and all in all every next thing to you is heavily dependent on AI which may be invisible to the eye. 


We are now in a state where we can vaguely see the image which AI is creating for our future. Whether in the form of voice programmed devices at your drawing’s shelf or whether the IoT devices blending into the background. Everything is running with the incorporation of technology. It is not necessary to see the massive AI-driven devices. In fact, small automatic devices which are running on their own and don’t seem to operate by humans are AI. The idea can be simply derived from the name Artificial Intelligence which is unnaturally functioning.


Every tech-based device is basically a vision fused by the advancements made in AI, speech recognition, machine learning, natural language processing, and cloud computing. There are many giants of techs given by the renowned stakeholders: Apple, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung are notable among them. Daryl Cromer, Vice President of Subsystem Research at Lenovo Research said that:

“The interesting ones will be….the Ubers of the IoT and the ambient world….And that’s what we are still looking for.”

Besides this, we also need to note that disruption in the AI-based devices may also come from the companies yet on the public radar. Henceforth, no one is suggesting the problem solution for the ever-increasing vicious circle of AI dependency. 


In the above-mentioned scenario, if AI extinct for a single day, results would be hysterically damaging for the next decades. Corner said:

“We believe that devices are an integral part of our lives now. They do certain tasks in a better way as done by anything else; and; by also promising privacy, convenience, and security that cannot be matched.”

But, some of the regular features in our lives may get AI-driven even when we don’t even need the tap of a finger.

Power of AI

Now let us assume a situation. Your autonomous car pulls into the driveway and then the garage door opens as you enter. After your entrance, the front door unlocks and the lights inside the house switched on. The temperature is set as per your need and very soft music is playing to lighten your hot mood. You are notified about the missed calls and reminded of a conference call that is gonna be started at the very next hour. 

A house full of invisible sensors, feeding your movements and routines into a cloud-computing system where artificial intelligence absorb and refine the indications given to the smart devices which will help in making such scenarios happen.


You will definitely hate it if anything does not work as per usual and this causes a total wastage if these smart devices driven by AI extinct for a day. Now, let me ask a simple question again. Do you get bothered by the slow internet speed? I assume most of the queries resolved from the answer to this question. 


There are plenty of devices and sensors that talk to one another and will eventually start to understand your intent of doing certain things. Services built around such devices will presumably follow this pattern. The common example which most of you would know is Amazon’s Alexa device which operated according to your commands. 


This does not stop here. There are other companies as well who are manufacturing AI-based devices that are now signed in many areas. Google Home Products, Google’s Siri, and Google Assistant is the new mode of brighten your mood swings and making life easy. The list goes on with many other tech-based products.


The reason to mention one example here is to give you a picture to imagine the dependency of people on AI-driven products of doing a mild thing. Such computing extends to many areas other than just home. AI-based companies, AI running machines, or AI driving products, all will be of no use if they stop working for a single day. Companies making billions and trillions will suddenly collapse, there will a huge fall down in the businesses, and a blackout in the tech industry are some of the aftermaths.

Final Verdict

We all are quite fond of digital devices and don’t even think of a moment without them. A day without AI will be just like a day without breath. Or, in other words, no life. If there is complete nightfall when AI extinct for a day then would you get updates of your favourite character? Or even, will you be able to reach on this site too?

Start thinking!