What goes through your head before starting travelling, toiletries check, accessories check, tickets check, alarm check, and much more. In life we are living in, here Android phones play a vital role during travelling like other things that need to be looked over, before. In the past, people use paper maps, outdated travel guides when they go travelling, but now all you need is an Android phone and need to download these android travel apps. You can do everything offline with the built-in features of Android and other applications.


So, without using a data connection, take advantage of these tricks and travel by saving money that you have to use on roaming data fees without giving up the convenience of your smartphone.

Offline Maps

Offline support helps users a lot while travelling and using Google Maps. In previous times, this feature was considered an experiment, but now it was stable. You can download map areas to your phone to view them offline. Just use your Android GPS or offline maps to open Google Maps to see the saved maps or locations wherever you are at that time.


You can not ask for offline navigation, but you can see where you are on the map. If you have a WiFi connection available, you can use it for directions and then go offline, and you can continue to follow the map directions and view your location on the map offline. Only searching for map direction requires an Internet connection.

  • To download maps for use Offline;
  • Open Google Maps
  • Tap the menu button
  • Select make available offline
  • Select a map region
  • Tap Done


offline maps

Offline Translation, Voice Recognition, and Speech

If you are in a different region where the language is distinct, you can download dictionaries and use Google translate app to translate words and phrases between languages, just as in web browsers. Google translate has support for offline translation.


Android 4.2 version includes offline speech to text and text to speech features. If your android phone has version 4.2 or more, you can also download the appropriate language support for use offline. This will help you translate words in Google Translate more effectively.


For the features mentioned above,

  • Download official Google Translate App for Android
  • Open Google Translate App
  • Tap the menu button
  • Select offline languages
  • Download languages you want to use offline


Offline Translation

Travel Guides

In the past era, when the Internet was not so common, people used to purchase travel guides made on paper. These guides contained maps, a list of information about local customs, a list of attractions, and much other useful information regarding travelling in that area. And now, we don’t need such travel guides, travel with an android phone and install a few travel guides applications on your android phone, which helps you using maps and other related information about the place. Just download the place map and detail and use them offline later when required.

Quickly call Emergency contacts with your location

Set your emergency contacts list on your phone before travelling and set a message on it and a trigger or timer so that after pressing a lock button or whatever button you set up on your phone will send a message to your emergency contacts with your location.


Quickly call Emergency contacts with your location

Why backup is important for Android phone?

Currency Converter Apps

If you’re travelling abroad or somewhere with a different currency than your country, download the currency converter app on your android phone before leaving. And you can use the app to convert the currency to check the money required.


There are plenty of applications, ut the highest rated are the following:

  • Install XE Currency: Android (free)
  • Play Store Link: Currency Converter Plus Free (free)


Currency Converter Apps

Set up Mobile Wallet

Android phones have a feature of a digital wallet that increases security when making payments. You do not have to share your bank account number or your card number anywhere, add money to your Google Pay wallet, and pay your bills without any scamming or being worried about your details. Even if you lose your phone, no one will be able to use your digital wallet without your passcode or face lock, whatever you have set it on.


To set it up, open Google Pay App on your Android phone, or install it if already not installed. Everyone has their routine and schedule while travelling, but as you can see, it’s necessary to make your phone a regular part of these pre-journey plans.


how to Set up Mobile Wallet