Everybody nowadays requires apps to get him entertained with the advanced and trendy things circulating round the clock. In this regard, downloading apps on Android is pivotal to keep smartphones hydrated with fresh apps.


The best thing about downloading an app is that it always comes from Google Play Store. No matter how trendy, heavy, or in-demand app is, it can never find another way to enter your phone than Google Play Store.


This is why Google ensures that people get secure and error-free apps and thanks to them later on.


How to Download Apps on Android

There are plenty of apps that just count a few days to get rich and expand the sphere of influence whereas plenty of apps are just the junkies with no use.


In this article, we are going to unleash some traits about how to download apps on Android and amuse yourself in full strength.


Note: Make sure to scan your Android phone before installing an app to get relief from performance issues or privacy breaches.

1. Install a Security App

The first and foremost app to download on any smartphone is the security app to keep your phone and data secure from hackers, phishing, or other malicious apps.


You can go for Google Play Protect for Android which regularly monitors and scan your apps and kick-out the malware if find any. The setting is on by default but cross-checking is a saver. Play Protect also scans apps in Google Play Store before you install them.


You can enable this option by doing this:

  • Go to Security & Location in the Settings tab
  • Tap Google Play Protect
  • Now toggle on the Scan Device for Security Threats

You can also update the recent scans and scanning time.


2. Install Apps without Google Play Store

If you want to download an app that is not on Google Play Store but coming from an Unknown Source then there is a built-in option that lets you dive into the app. But beware that these unknown sources are not reliable and can compromise your mobile’s performance and/or data.


i. Change Settings on Android 8.0 Oreo and 9.0 Pie


  • Go to Settings and then enter into Apps & Notifications
  • Go to Special App Access in the Advanced tab
  • Tap on Install Unknown Apps


In this section, you can toggle on the Allow From This Source option to download an app and any data from your internet browser.


Install from unknown apps oreo


ii. Change Settings on Android 7.0 Nougat and Older

  • Go to Settings and click on Security
  • Toggle on the Unknown Sources option and press OK and Trust


Install from unknown apps nougat


Note: You can also use Google Drive, Dropbox, or other Cloud Services to download an app on Android.


3. Download Paid Apps (Free)

There are plenty of paid yet thrilling apps that everyone just wants to hunt at. Due to their paid versions, many visitors went unhappy without installing them. Realizing this pain, many other apps have landed in the marketplace from where you can download all the paid apps for free.


Here are these 4 reliable apps which let you download paid apps without bothering your pocket.

    1. Google Opinion Rewards
    2. Aptoid
    3. Blackmart Alpha
    4. 4Shared


Note: You cannot download Aptoid from Google Play Store as it violates their rules.


4. Download Apps from Google Play Store

You can download Google Play Store apps not only on your Android smartphone but on your tablet, phablet, and laptop as well. It is usually built-in most Android devices by default. You can use Google Play Store to download apps on Android by the following means:

  • Connect your Android device with the secure internet connection and open Google Play Store
  • Select the Category such as Games or search for the App you want to download
  • Tap on Install
  • When the download is complete and the app is installed, the app desktop icon will be shown on your smartphone home screen.


google play store


Note: Always read the reviews about users before downloading any app as they say a lot.

5. Download Android Apps on Desktop


You can manage your Android app downloads on your desktop by connecting the device to your Google account. If you have children under 18 using apps then it is advisable to connect the device with your desktop to keep a hidden eye on them.

  • On your desktop, browse for the google.com
  • Repeat the app installation process as you did on your smartphone
  • You can click on the Top Charts, Categories, or New Releases
  • If more than 1 smartphone is connected to the Google account then you’ll see a List of Smartphones
  • Select the one from where you want to download the app on desktop
  • See the Last Date against each smartphone to know which is which
  • Click the install button and the app on your desktop upon successful completion of the installation


6. Various Options

There are plenty of options as well to download apps on Android. You can opt for the one that suits you or your device best.


i. Amazon App Store


Amazon releases its very own AppStore in March 2011. The good point here is that paid apps are much cheaper as compared to the prices on Google Play Store. You can even earn coins for future purchases.


You can download apps on your Android phone, tablet, and desktop.


Download Amazon App Store


amazon app store


ii. Galaxy App Store

The two rivals Samsung and iOS never find a way to let down one another in terms of service and power. Samsung released its Galaxy App Store in June 2010 and since then is expanding the circle. It is a built-in app in Samsung Galaxy devices and has apps exclusively for Galaxy phones.


galaxy app store


You can enjoy live stickers, sticker shops, and fonts.

Download Galaxy App Store

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