Parents are worried about the advanced technology that will spoil their children, and this problem sets in after the Lollipop version is released on Android Smartphones, where you can log in to the phone using multiple user accounts, including a guest mode too. So, you don’t have to worry now while handing over your phone to your child or your friends. You do not need to use an app locker, data encryption after this magnificent feature.


By clicking one button and switching to Guest mode, all of your data will become private, including apps, contacts, pictures, everything. Even a screen pinning feature helps you a lot if you don’t want to exit the current application; the next person is using it.

How Android Guest Mode and Admin/User Account work

You can switch to the Android Guest mode by a single tap in your Quick Settings Menu or Account settings in Setting Menu. The Guest mode lives in a restricted area, it can not access any of the files or folders. Guest mode has access to the wifi option only and can download Applications from Play Store. You can also block calls from the Guest Mode by changing the call settings from the specific contact by tapping the gear icon next to the name. If you swap to the Admin/User account, it can automatically save all the updates and settings in the Guest Mode.


Android Guest Mode

How to Protect the Main User account

The main User on the device acts as an Administrator. When once set, your child needs a PIN or Fingerprint while trying to switch to the Main User Account.

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Security Menu
  • Tap on the Screen lock
  • Choose a PIN or password

How to Protect the Main User account?

How to Switch From guest mode to Another account

You have to swipe down the screen with your fingers from the top of the screen. Find the user icon over there and tap on it. Different accounts appeared on your screen. With a single tap, you can easily switch to the other.


Switch From guest mode to Another account

How to close Android background apps from running

Giving or Removing access to calls and SMS

In the Account Settings, you can also give or delete access to the following account to access calls and messages. Just enable or disable it from there.


Accessibility to calls and sms

How to Enable and Use Screen Pinning?

Screen Pinning allows you to select an application or a screen and Pin it to the screen. That means, without tapping the right set of buttons, the user can’t get out of the app and go around snooping.

To enable Screen Pinning;

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Security
  • Swipe down and tap screen pinning
  • Tap the toggle to turn it on

Now, tap the right button to check the multiple apps open on the phone screen; you can find the pin icon at the bottom right of the app. Tap the icon after selecting the app you want to pin.

You can get out of the pin mode by tap and hold the Back & Overview button simultaneously. And for security reasons, you can even enable PIN or unlock patterns to disable the feature.


Screen Pinning


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Note: When the screen pinned is enabled, you don’t have access to the notification center even. But it can give you a hint on how to disable it