What is Mac VoiceOver?

How to turn off Mac’s Voice Over In 2020? Voice Over is a worked-in screen per user that depicts out loud what shows up on your PC screen: it talks about the content that is in reports and windows. To turn on VoiceOver, press Command-F5.


At the point when an upheld refreshable braille show is associated with your PC, Voice Over identifies the showcase and sends it data about what’s on the screen utilizing contracted or UN contracted braille. In case you’re utilizing a Multi-Touch trackpad, you can utilize Voice Over motions to explore and connect with what’s on the screen. Utilizing VoiceOver, you control the PC basically with a console, braille show, or trackpad, rather than the mouse.


When VoiceOver is on, you can utilize Voice Over directions to explore and collaborate with things on the screen. You enter Voice Over directions by holding down the Control and Option keys together, alongside at least one different key. The Control and Option keys are known as the “Voice Over keys,” or “VO keys” for short. They are appeared in directions as VO, as in VO-F1. You can dole out Voice Over directions to numeric keypad keys, console keys, braille show input keys, and trackpad motions, so you can utilize the directions with fewer keystrokes.


You utilize the VoiceOver cursor to move around the screen and hear portrayals of the things in the cursor. You use it to choose catches and different controls and to peruse and alter the content. The console center and mouse pointer work with the VoiceOver cursor in an assortment of ways. You can arrange for them to pursue one another, or use them independently to move in various applications simultaneously.


On the first occasion when you start VoiceOver, you can decide to take the Quick Start instructional exercise, an intelligent voyage through Voice Over route and communication rudiments. When VoiceOver is on, you can begin the instructional exercise whenever by squeezing VO-Command-F8. You can tweak Mac’s Voice Over to best suit your needs utilizing VoiceOver Utility.


As you can envision, this component can be amazingly useful for individuals with poor vision. In any case, the Voice Over highlight isn’t at all accommodating for the individuals who are luckily honored with the capacity to see well. Aside from causing the Mac to talk interminably, the Voice Over highlight likewise confines your capacity to utilize the Mac by putting an irritating thick dark line around everything that you select on your screen.

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What’s new in VoiceOver on Mac

Voice Over in mac OS Catalina offers new highlights to give you more prominent control while utilizing a Mac.


  • You can decide to show only the thing in the VoiceOver cursor on the braille show (rather than continually demonstrating numerous things). At the point when you show only one thing, you recapture utilization of dabs 7 and 8, similar to never again expected to demonstrate the situation of the VoiceOver cursor.
  • You can make custom accentuation gatherings to tailor the accentuation you hear for explicit circumstances, and effectively switch between your custom and the standard accentuation bunches utilizing the Verbosity rotor.
  • For some dialects, you would now be able to utilize a Liblouis braille interpretation table.
  • Voice Over now shows UN contracted six-dab braille as a matter of course. Contingent upon the language and table you pick in VoiceOver Utility, you might have the option to change the mode to a contracted six-spot or eight-dab braille.
  • Voice Over Utility offers a few improvements for refreshable braille shows:
  • You would now be able to show yield in an all-inclusive number of dialects, for example, Urdu, Fench, etc.

Turn Off Mac VoiceOver

It is extremely simple to prevent Mac from talking, on the off chance that you incidentally empowered VoiceOver on your Mac or empowered this element to clear something up. To prevent your Mac from talking, basically, hold down the Command Key and afterward tap on the F5 key on the console of your Mac.


This straightforward console alternate way will Turn Off VoiceOver mode on your Mac and it will promptly quit talking.

turn off mac's voice over

Turn Off VoiceOver Using System Preferences

On the off chance that you can’t turn off VoiceOver by utilizing the Command-F5 easy route, all things considered, this alternate way has been incapacitated on your Mac. In such a case, you can Turn Off VoiceOver and prevent your Mac from talking by getting to the System Preferences of your Mac.


  • Snap-on the Apple symbol in the top menu bar of your Mac and afterward click on System Preferences alternative in the drop-down menu.

turn off mac's voice over Using System Preferences

  • In the System Preferences screen, click on the Accessibility symbol.

System Preference

  • On the Accessibility screen, first, snap on General, and afterward, UN checks the little box beside Voice Over alternative.

Enable Voice over

This will stop the Command-F5 alternate way from taking a shot at your Mac, precluding all odds of Voice Over from being incidentally empowered on your Mac.