Autocorrect Feature On Android

Autocorrect gets no respect. We made a lot of typos and other spelling mistakes in our daily life while writing a text message or an email. We forgot that Autocorrect is a lifesaver, which saves us from embarrassing typos in emails and other messages. But due to it, a friendly message can also be converted to a non-friendly message.
Autocorrect works on a very simple algorithm, as your word processor spell checker, which compares your words with the built-in dictionary and lets you know or autocorrect the words by itself.

How to Turn On / Off Spell AutoCorrect Android?

Autocorrect can get disabled by the user from the settings if the user is annoyed by it. For that, your phone must have Version 5.0 or more. To Turn On / Off Autocorrect Android Feature follows the below steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Go to Additional Settings
  • Tap on Keyboard & Input Method
  • Click on the Gbaord
  • Go to the Text Correction
  • Go to the Autocorrection ON
  • Turn off the AutoCorrect option, and that’s it.

The method will be the same to enable the AutoCorrect settings for the keyboard. But its method will be different for different Android Versions and CellPhones.

Additional Setting on android PhoneKeyboard & input method on android Phone

GBoard on android PhoneText Correction on android Phone

Auto correction ON on android PhoneAuto correction off on android Phone

How to Use the Android Feature to Block Websites

How to Add/Delete words to the default Dictionary?

To add or delete any word from the default Android dictionary, you have to follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Tap System
  • Tap Language & Keyboard
  • Open the Keyboard you are using
  • Tap Dictionary
  • Add your words by pressing the ‘+’ icon and you can also delete any word annoying you again and again

How to Add/Delete words to the default Dictionary

How to Turn On / Off Spell Checker?

While working in an institute or any organization, you need to act formally in front of your colleagues and boss, while it is face to face conversation or technology-based. Because of this sometimes, we need a spellchecker, so that minor spelling mistakes do not ruin the format or your message.

Being casual, with your family or friends, you do not need to be conscious about spellings, in that case, you can turn off the spell checker for your ease.

For that purpose, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Tap System
  • Click Language & Input
  • Tap Advanced option
  • Find a spell checker, turn it on/off according to your need

How to Turn On / Off Spell Checker?