How To Unzip A File On Android Phone And Tablet

How To Unzip A File On Android Phone And Tablet. Zipping a file compresses it in a less-data file through which you can send heavier files in a go. But on the other side, sometimes, it becomes difficult to unzip a file on Android phones and tablets.

If you don’t now the settings or method to unzip a file on your Android phone and/or tablet then, you need to read the following methods.

Unzip a File on Android Phone

It is important for you to know about the zip files or zipping. It is the method of compressing a folder (containing many files) into a tidy digital package. In order to get the files out of that folder, you need to extract it through a special third-party application (like a software).

Note: A zip file has a .zip extension

You can unzip a file on your Android device with the following method:

  • Install Files by Google from Google Play Store
  • After its complete download, locate the zip file in the File by Google
  • If you downloaded the zip file then it will be in the Downloads folder
  • Now tap on the Zip File and it will appear its containing files in the folder same as zip file
  • Tap on Extract button to decompress the file
  • A list of files will be Appeared that are zipped
  • Tap Done
  • All the files will be extracted/copied into the same location as the zip file.

Uses of Unzip a File on Android Phone

As the name suggests, zip is used to pack something. Likewise, a zip file (also pronounced like the word zip) compresses many files into a small bundle making it light to send, download, and/or upload. It comes with the extension .zip and are used to easily share many files in a single shot.

There is another form of zip file which is called RAR (with extension .rar) that does the same process like a zip file. Any system that can extract a zip file can also extract the rar file.

Unzipping Apps

There are many apps that can be used to unzip a file on an Android device. You can download a

WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool or RAR from Google Play Store to extract the zipped files.

You can also download other matches of the file for the same purpose.

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There is a list of questions you must be having in your mind regarding zipping or unzipping a file. We have discussed all of them in detail:

How zip files work on Android devices?

Working of a zip file is always same across all systems. Managing a zip or rar file on an Android phone or tablet is compatible with the modern operating systems.

Why do I need to use a zip file on Android?

If you are in business or doing your higher studies then you will surely encounter zip files frequently. In this context, you will need uploading or downloading many files in a go. But you never want to waste your time to do it one by one so download an app to compress and extract the files.

Is Zip file app the last option?

Though it is of utmost important these days to compress heavier and a large bulk of files in a small-sized packed folder. But many people don’t prefer it and want to see each file individually.

In this case, email attachments are quite noteworthy that serve the same purpose but in a slightly different way. You can also use cloud storage to share multiple files across different networks.

What are the other types of a zip file?

There are other file types that can be used to compress many files. If you want to send a zip file then you will need any of these application to create a zip file on your Android device or for more information about Zip File. Visit Url

1. WinZip

The best thing to note in WinZip is that it has support for Google Drive and Dropbox. It supports other zip file formats and run perfectly on your computer and Android device.

2. RAR

This app is developed by RARLAB and can supports bigger files like rar, zip, tar, 7z, and more. You can also set encryption and password for the compressed file.

3. MiXplorer Silver

It is a file manager app and can supports up to two dozens of different file types. Additionally, it is a good browser with multiple functionalities.

4. B1 Archiver

This app comes with additional features as it can supports up to 37 file formats. You need to pay $1.99 for the awesome features and get rid of the unwanted advertisement.

5. ZArchiver

This tool is completely free to use and comes with the option encryption, password protection, and split archives. There are no special features in this app as compared to other apps and is mainly built for the people who just want to get it done simply.