Use Fit bit to unlock your android phone

Use Fit bit to unlock your android phone. Our smartphones are not, at this point only our phone however it keeps a fortune of data about us. This information and data whenever lost may fall us in an entirely horrendous circumstance. This is the explanation that we generally keep our phone locked with PIN, Pattern, or Password.

Be that as it may, in a day, when we need to open their devices for in any event multiple times. What’s more, without fail, we need to enter that code or pattern to get to the screen. In the event that we overlook the pattern, it is hard to unlock the overlooked pattern lock (password) on Android.

Not at all like iPhone, not all Android devices accompany the Touch ID feature to unlock the screen. What’s more, in this manner, Android clients will in general abandon passcode or pattern, leaving their smartphones defenseless against security breaks.

Android Lollipop 5.0 smartphones have an additional layer of security for the sake of Smart Lock. Android has reinforced its own facial acknowledgment feature, which was prior not sufficiently able to secure the device. The new Android 5.0 Smart Lock feature is presently accessible with another feature; you would now be able to utilize your Android phone with a trusted Bluetooth device to unlock your smartphone. This looks somewhat unusual, yet you can unlock an Android phone with a Fit bit or some other Bluetooth empowered device.

What is Fit bit

What Is Fit Bit

The fit bit is Android wear that is fundamentally utilized for checking your strides and other well-being exercises. This Android device can likewise assist you with unlocking your Android phone without entering any PIN or Pattern. Besides this, there are parcel progressively different exercises that your Android Fit bit may offer you.

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Unlocking Android Phone Using Fit bit

Unlocking Android Phone Using Fit bit

Follow these steps to set up Android Smart Lock to use a FitBit to unlock your android phone:

  • Set a password or pattern for your device.
  • In the Screen lock type section, pick between Pattern, PIN, or Password for a Screen Lock.
  • To utilize the Smart Lock feature with a trusted Bluetooth device, ensure that Smart Lock is turned on. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Smart Lock.
  • To turn on Smart Lock, select On-body detection.
  • Flip the change to peruse On.
  • In the Keep as a main priority exchange box, select Continue.
  • Select Trusted devices.
  • Select the + (Plus sign) close to Add trusted device.
  • Select your Fit bit.
  • Confirm the addition of your Fit bit as a trusted device by choosing Yes, Add.

FitBit To Unlock Your Android Phone

A risk? Maybe.

Permitting your smartphone to be unlocked with a Bluetooth device can expand the hazard for unapproved get to. For instance, in case you’re in a gathering in the room nearby to your office and your phone is left unattended around your work area, someone could get to it without a passcode on the grounds that your matched device—your Fit bit, watch, or other combined Smart Lock-trusted device—is the inside range for it to unlock the phone.

This is, no uncertainty, an awesome feature offered by Android devices. In spite of the fact that it is sheltered and secure strategies while turning on the Bluetooth, clients must need to sure that there ought to be no other Bluetooth devices which are combined with your Android phone else it will render open everyone to unlock your device.

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