Use the quick setting menu to make android pro

Android provides ease to the users to open the settings with less tap, by just dragging the hidden window from the top of the screen near the notch. The hidden window consists of major items because of which you do not need to open the settings menu all the time. Just drag down the screen and use whatever feature you want to use. Even though you can also customize the window according to your use. These quick setting menus came into existence with the JellyBean release.


How to use the quick settings menu

How to access quick settings from the lock screen?

You can also access your quick settings menu from your lock screen. But some of them might ask you to unlock the screen to use them. If you are seeing the compact view of the settings menu, swipe down the bar again to check all menus in it. Most of the time major settings like WiFi, Mobile Data, Flashlight, etc are the major ones on the top of the settings menu that can be used without unlocking the phone. Brightness can be enhanced or decreased directly from there. You can enable or disable any tile with a single tap. Aeroplane mode is one of them. But the menu gives a user access to data that needs an unlock passcode, fingerprint, or anything required on the phone.


How to use the quick settings menu from lock screen

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How to edit/customize your quick settings menu?

The feature of customizing a quick settings menu is not available in the previous versions. But now it is just a few step process, and you can customize the setting menu according to your choice. Drag down the window from the top of the screen and expand the bar by swiping it down depending on your device. You can find the edit button on the screen or find a pencil icon. Now click the icon, and you can move or swap the tiles by your preference, even you can also add/delete them by your choice.


How to edit/customize your quick settings menu

Some basic tiles that are present in the settings menu are:

  • WiFi
  • Mobile Data
  • Bluetooth
  • Do not disturb
  • Auto-rotate
  • Aeroplane mode
  • Night Light
  • Hotspot
  • Location

Expand the menu screen to see all the available options and drag and drop the tiles to the desired position.

How to reset the quick setting menus on Android?

To access the quick setting menu, first of all, edit the menu by finding a pencil icon or more option that is displayed by three vertical dots at the right corner of the screen and find the reset icon on the next screen appeared. Tap on it, confirm your choice if required; the menu can be set to default by an Android.


Quick Setting Menus