Are you folks ready to jump up in the galaxies of artificial intelligence opening new holes towards tech?


In the fast pacing tech waves, everything is on the fast track to open up a new trend to taken aback the whole generation. And, it would be fair enough to say that today’s scientists and researchers are doing it great right.


Well, every one of you has wished; someday; to see what’s been going through in someone’s mind. It is our eternal desire to look into someone’s mind and get to know what they have been thinking for a while.


Especially, the lovers dire to find out about their partners’ thoughts and love to do know about the hidden secrets. But, wait a second. 


What if you get a chance to practically see anyone’s thoughts in real life?


Where it seems quick nosy to know the picky hidden personalities, similarly, it is quite dangerous to let our thoughts visible to someone. We have entered the arena where it is actually possible to enter in anyone’s mind and see what they are thinking (This will unfold the hidden traits, Oops!)


Mind reading technology is all set to unfold some secrets behind the curtains of veins to showcase the thoughts in real-time. It is a real-world practical application with AI power-driven algorithms which thought to be just an imagination to turn into reality.


Now let’s see what are the possibilities and assumptions behind this mind-freaking; I mean mind-reading technology.


How’s It Possible?


The prognostics have been stating for years that reading someone’s mind is just a fantasy. It was just a matter of fact until the amalgamation of AI with the detection of brain-wave patterns.


AI is by far the most helpful ingredient in this recipe to interpret the waves and convert them into readable material. Alone AI could not do this but machine learning is the sister element besides AI which tops up the method of receiving brain waves.


After research and practice for decades, researchers and scientists have finally been able to interpret the waves into legible language.


Mind Reading Technology Operating


Mind-ready technology is not rocket science yet not even less than that. It operates with software that takes the readouts from brains and matches them to the words and pictures. Once it is done, future readouts are more easily readable, interpretable, and can be used for many minds controlling or thoughts revealing applications.


Mind Reading Technology


Lemme share an example here.

MIT students have invented a face-mounted device with a machine learning application that converts the real-time conversation to text conversation but without the speech part.


There are electrodes that intercept the neuromuscular signals and the machine learning app transcribes them into text. Here comes the sub-vocalization or silent speech instead of vocalization.


These neuromuscular signals; sent by the brain to the face; are matched with specific words or pictures. One thing to note that each Homosapien has a unique physiology. The results have shown 92% accuracy after 15 minutes of customized training.


A surprising use of this mind-reading technology is that it provides bone conduction output. This means that you don’t need to calculate the words but a virtual assistant can give you the audible results without the knowledge of people sitting around you.


So let’s just jump for joy to see behind the curtains.



Apart from some creepy thoughts to dig into someone’s mind, the mind-reading technology is absolutely freaking for the mutes. It helps in understanding the signs of a mute to know what he is anticipating.


Students of the University of California, San Francisco, have created a device that has shown better than 90% accuracy in mental activity conversion to text. This device will help in detecting what a person is hearing with brain activity alone.


The mind-reading technology is also beneficial for epilepsy treatment whereby electrodes are used for other purposes. The electrodes are implanted on the surface of the brain to monitor brain waves in the auditory cortex. Hence, with the help of algorithms, the recorded data will be decoded to the speech sounds are they were being heard by the subject.


Another major gain of this kinda device given by the Carnegie Mellon University researchers that this technology could enable the AI to predict the next sentence in the thought process.

Mind Reading Technology

Concluding Remarks

One crystal clear thing is that the mind-reading technology is solely based on AI. It is now taking us towards the enhancement and perfection of existing business applications rather than just for study purposes.


At some point, we also need to be vigilant that our own thoughts might be reflected back at us leaving us unknowing. Now, it is time to consider the practicality of such applications and will open new insights to the world. And we all know that:


Science is slightly gruesome!