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A New Store Concept Amazon Go with no Cashier & Store Keeper

Technology involves human lives and in my view, technology starts dominating. So I decided to write on new world technologies, its pros and cons and how it is overwhelming us.
The first topic is

Amazon Go

What is Amazon Go?

As we all know about amazon and its services. I am not focusing on it, but I’ll write on it in future.
Amazon go is the application of Computer Vision. A new concept of shopping. In start of 2017, Amazon unveiled a real-world grocery store with no checkout required Amazon Go, an 1800-square-foot retail space located in the company’s hometown of Seattle. Amazon Go lets the shoppers just grab the items they want and leave. They get charged to their Amazon account afterwards. It is currently in beta testing.
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How does it work?

It is an advanced shopping technology that uses computer vision, bunch of sensors and deep learning to let you walk into the store. Do your normal shopping and the sensors in racks, will detect the items that you bought and will add those items to your cart(Integrated Amazon Account to your Mobile). It will charge you to your amazon account when you walk out of the door.
It consists of a system that uses technology including RFID to detect when a shopper takes an item from the shelf, and then syncs the data to customer’s handheld device. This system keeps adding the items in the log as the shopper goes along it eliminates the need to go through a traditional checkup as the shopper goes along. When customers exit the store through the system senses that they’re leaving, adds up the items and charges their Amazon account.
Avoid lines and cashiers.
For example, if a user is purchasing an item from a retail location rather than user having to stop at cashier for “checkout” or any automated check station, because the items are already picked, identified and added to list belonging to the user. User may now exit the location. When the user exists the location, it is automatically detected and user is charged on his Amazon account without having for him to stop.

Amazon just requires you to scan your phone upon entering the store. Company’s “Just walk out” technology will detect what products you bought, what products you did not buy and what products you were interested in (like the products your checked out but did not buy) which can later be used in suggesting you what products you should buy while you are shopping online on Amazon.

What does amazon go offer?

The shop will be consisted of most items that you find in a local convenience store: snacks, drinks, prepaid food like salads and sandwiches, and grocery essentials like bread and milk.

For now, Amazon Go is only open for company’s employees. Public opening is said to be scheduled after beta version and you can sign up to get an alert of when it is available for all. However, Amazon’s move deeper into physical retail shops comes in a sensitive political climate. The company could be a threat to some of the 3.4 million Americans who work as cashiers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is the end of part one. Hope you learnt something about amazon go and how computers are becoming an important part of our lives. Kindly record your feedback in the comments section below because your feedback matter to us and helps us improve.
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