Mac has a lot of features, however, not all users can utilize them. But Onyx which is system utilities for mac gives you access to hidden mac features. This could be on the grounds that they never realized such an element exists on their gadget, or the component is hidden so somewhere inside the Settings that it’s hard to get to it. Such users can utilize the third-party software, called OnyX, which will assist them with accessing hidden features in Mac.

What is Onyx?

Onyx hidden mac features

OnyX is software from Titanium Software which is utilized as an instrument for Mac maintenance and optimization. Additionally, it likewise gives users a quite spotless user interface. The software likewise consequently restarts the PC once you play out an optimization action, for example, clearing text style stores.

Furthermore, in the event that you would prefer not to play out each undertaking physically, at that point OnyX has an alternative to automate things too. A significant number of the features that these software offers are accessible in different applications or framework benefits too. Be that as it may, the bit of leeway with OnyX is that it brings each one of those features into one spot.

It must be noticed that all the features that OnyX offers are as of now there in your Mac, the software just makes it simple to access and use them. OnyX software is accessible to download liberated from cost from Titanium Software’s site. There is, notwithstanding, a gift alternative on the site.

hidden mac features Of OnyX

Functions of OnyX

The functions accessible in Onyx utility are for the most part present in different applications or framework administrations. Onyx’s genuine assistance is in uniting them all into one application.

At the point when you originally run Onyx, it will solicit to verify the structure from your Mac’s startup disk. While a smart thought, this will constrain you to stand by some time before utilizing Onyx. You won’t have to play out this task each time you run Onyx; you can essentially drop the verify alternative. In the event that you discover a need to verify your startup drive sometime in the not too distant future, you can do such from inside Onyx, or use Disk Utility to play out the verification.

After you move past the startup drive verification, you will find that Onyx is a solitary window application with a menu bar for choosing different Onyx capacities. The toolbar contains catches for Maintenance, Cleaning, Automation, Utilities, Parameters, Info, and Logs.

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Info and Logs

Info gives a rundown of malware recognized by your Mac’s worked in malware detection framework. It doesn’t give information itemizing whether the framework at any point got any malware being downloaded or installed — just the rundown of malware types your Mac is shielded from. The Log button raises a time-sensitive log enumerating each activity performed by Onyx.


The Maintenance button gives access to regular framework maintenance tasks, for example, verifying Mac’s startup drive, running maintenance contents, remaking administrations and cache files, and fixing file authorizations.



The Cleaning button permits you to delete framework cache files, which can now and again become degenerate or strangely huge. Either issue can cause issues with your Mac’s exhibition. Removing cache files can now and again right issues, for example, a turning pinwheel of death and other minor irritations.


Automation is a handy feature that lets you automate routine tasks you may utilize Onyx for. For instance, on the off chance that you frequently verify the startup drive, fix consents, and remake the Launch Services database, you can utilize Automation to play out those tasks for you rather than physically performing them each in turn.


Onyx gives access to a significant number of the hidden applications that are as of now present on your Mac yet buried inside the openings of the framework envelope. You can access hidden Mac applications, for example, Screen Sharing, Wireless Diagnostics, Color Picker, and more.


The Parameters button gives you access to a considerable lot of the hidden features of the framework just as individual applications. A portion of the Mac features is as of now present in System Preference. Others for the most part expect Terminal to set up, for example, the designs group used to catch screen captures.


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The rundown of things you can do with OnyX is enormous. The best activity is to mess with it and sees what intrigues you. You can truly tweak the presentation of your Mac such that most different projects basically can’t offer. It’s sufficiently simple to utilize, yet there is an expectation to learn and adapt for a portion of the further developed capacities. It’s free, and certainly, work introducing on your Mac.