Artificial Intelligence is now at the edge where it can tackle problems, both big and small, by harnessing simple and smart actions. It is going to become the digital spokesperson of any growing company. It is revolutionizing the underpinning ways of our interactions and intact systems. It took over more of the UI and now going beyond just an intelligent interface. It is running at the pace of taking a more prominent position in the global market.


The power of AI and augmented intelligence is mass personalization with the projection of over 50 billion connected devices and 6 billion smartphone users by 2020. The subsequent generation of customer experience will be powered by artificial intelligence. With the combination of knowledge, experience and human touch, the power of AI will be augmented in almost every field.

Now let’s see how this power caters for major platforms.

Make Better Decisions

We all now embraced the reality that in doing tasks in less time, AI is far better than us. It is now becoming a key point of distinction for almost every digital business. Taking the primary role of interacting with both employees and customers, AI examines the complexity of business relation.

AI Finance Industry: Is AI the Best or Worst Option

With this aptitude, AI is going to double annual growth rates by 2035 as stated by Accenture

Create Design Models

We already experienced the mobile app alerts about our banking transactions which are the most effective and helpful steps done by AI. Just like a century ago, electricity transformed everything, AI is going to transform the patterns in the near future.

Designing models to maximize effectiveness, monitoring functionality, and discovering better ways to uplift an organization is done by AI in the main organizations. AI not only creates models by reducing human errors but developing the strategic flow in the precise and possibly shortest way to prosper an organization.

Data Protection

If someone tricks you into divulging private data such as your personal phone number, social security number, or birth date, the AI Firewall is all set to keep you safe.

The security systems need AI to defend against the advanced attacks by hackers to protect their businesses from phishing. Without this, the organizations will need to hire more people as their security analysts to allow or deny network traffic.

Infrastructure Development

The public-private sector relationship is to cater for the existential problems in their regions and propose some potential solutions for them. Collecting data and sorting it is the most challenging task in their path. But now, with the power of AI and augmented intelligence, this is done in seconds. Recognizing data, prioritizing important data, and feeding the collected data in advanced algorithms to devise a good decision is just a matter of task for AI.

AI helps in predicting new infrastructure needs like for automated mass transit to improve the coordination between management and contractors. Hence digital intelligence helps in cost-cutting, increased efficiency, and enhanced returns at all levels.

Additionally, smart cities are now becoming the most prominent and catchy elements for investors. Cities are jam-packed with sensors and smart technologies and AI is the major driving force for it. 

Give Rise to Unemployment

According to The World Bank report:

“57% of the jobs in the 35 countries are at risk by increasing automation in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), including 47% of U.C. and 77% of the jobs in China.”

The image of personalization, immediacy, and intelligent engagement is looking brightly shine which is the actual cause of enhanced power of AI in the job market than qualified and skilled labour.


Power of AI

AI Power Challenges

The article, “The power structure of artificial intelligence” by Hin-Yan Liu describes two-pronged AI power challenges.

  1. The first challenge analyzed three levels of power:
  2. AI power is exercised over individuals or groups in various activities
  3. Power impacting upon societal behaviours and thus impacting their values, aspirations, and rights
  4. Power imposing existential threats to humanity
  5. The second challenge addresses the tendency of AI to provoke a sense of inferiority in humans.

These challenges can be minimized if these are viewed as significant problems of power. Through this, the previous divergent responses to AI overtaking humanity will be unified among all school of thoughts and will also protect us from the technological blaze that is the obstruction of realizing these problems.


The opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness within the power of AI are simultaneously immense and daunting. With the progressive and sophisticated development in the digital market, AI is expanding its sphere of influence to vast fields. 

But this behaviour needs to be looked at with a more rational attitude with the perspective of common citizens by not neglecting their demands for the sake of augmented powers ruling the service areas.