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15 Best Key Points For Professional CV

CV/Resume is the entrance point to any firm. Fresh graduates do mistakes and they don’t realize at first stage. Recruiters never bother to see your whole CV/Resume in the first sight. If they don’t find the best skills set for the opportunity in the first look, they move on. And job seeker lose the opportunity except having skills

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I have seen the CVs and Resumes of most the Job Seekers but I am afraid the in making a CV/Resume, has almost the same errors. So I am writing this to point out the common mistakes.

Keep in mind the following steps listed below:

1: Job Seeker Email Address

First of all, go and make a proper email id if you don’t have one. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], This kind of email ids shows your nonseriousness.

Your email id should consist of your first name and last name. for e.g. [email protected] or john[email protected]

2: Proof Reading

Please proofread your document. Make sure it doesn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors and mistakes. You can check your grammar or spell mistakes on Grammarly.

3: Reference Section

Please remove that reference heading which says ‘References will be furnished on requests’. It is a wastage of space on your document. If you have some approaches, it can directly involve in recruiting process.

4: Personal Information:

Please don’t include you Personal information like CNIC(Computerized National Identity Card) number. Why? because a good firm only verifies its employee after first interview or second. They don’t concern with your CNIC number.

5: Objective or Personal Statement

If you have added either ‘Objective’ or ‘Personal Statement’ in your document, make sure it is not copied from google or friend’s document. Sometimes, brotherhood is on peak and friends just change their personal info and all the CV remain same.

6: Submission Format

Most importantly save your document in ‘PDF’ Format and should be named as ‘FirstName LastName-CV.pdf’ for e.g. ‘Ahmed Khan-CV.pdf’. Most of the CV I find are saved with the name Resume or CV. In result file is overwritten when other files with the same name downloaded & it is difficult for the recruiter to find your CV.

7: Fonts (most important)

Use regular fonts in your document like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri. Don’t use fancy fonts like Comic Sans etc. Try to keep your document precise. A 1 page CV is the best document. Although, up to 2 pages is OK too for fresh graduates. But experienced CV can vary. Font size should be 11/10 for content and 12/14 for headings.

8: Personal Photograph

You are going to be hired on the basis of your skills, not on the basis of how you look. If you want to add the photograph, make sure it is formal.

9: Job Irrelevant Skills

Please don’t add any skill that is not relevant to the job you are applying for. And don’t add any skill in which you are not good at all.

10: Don’t keep a general CV format

The CV/Resume should be different for every other job that you are applying. Make sure you read the job description. Try to add the requirements to your document which are mentioned in the job description.

11: Identical Cover Letter

Do write a cover letter in the email while sending the CV? The Cover letter should be written in the email. Don’t attach the document of the cover letter in the email. Technically a resume has a cover letter attached with it but while making a CV doesn’t have any cover letter. The Cover letter should be good in format. Must mention job position or working domain in which you want to work.

12: Email Subject

Almost all openings mention the subject of the email. So make sure, the subject of the email should be proper and according to the position.

13: Previous Experience

Don’t mention any job experience if you have not a certificate or good experience with your post team members. Sometimes firm/company do inquiry.

14: Interview Preparation

Please don’t appear in the interviews unprepared! It gives a bad impression of not only yours but the institution too. Make sure you are well prepared and serious for the interview. Try to be at your best. If you want time, you can ask on email humbly from the HR to give you another date and time for the interview if it is possible for them. Don’t miss any interview without letting them know! the time is precious.

15: Online CV Builders

There are many online CV builders you can find on google. Some of them are:



LinkedIn CV Builder

That’s all for now. Keep reading and do comments if you want to contribute more points. Save the time of others and yours too.

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