“Social media has bred young people to become self-absorbed. This world is now full of status updates instead of proper socialization” – Albert Einstein.

There’s no need to define social media in words. In fact, the meaning or definition of social media is subjectively different. Where one perceives this as a form of enjoyment and passing time in leisure, the next person sees this as a platform to communicate with the ones far away.


Some people use it for their business purposes while others thirst for boasting around the world. We can now share dozens of things with just the tapping on the screen. Everyday tasks are now become much easier to hold onto certain things while doing many things at the same time. The 360o videos and augmented reality are providing us with an increasingly immersive experience across social platforms. But!


The social media youth effects now become much alarming that people are getting serious that how they can control future generations to use social media in positive means. Youngsters are much obsessed with social media and other fancy applications that they usually forget to do what their moms said. (The lost situation)


Daughter looking a phone and ignoring her mother


Some are the facts proven by recent studies that:

  • An average person spends more time each day on their phones and computers than they do sleeping.
  • People are more conscious about their phone locks than their car locks.
  • The first thing a person see in morning is his / her phone before even viewing the mirror. (That’s gross)

Well, there is a never ending list of what people do to fulfil their social media lusts, but the million dollar question is, 


“What social media youth effects are on communication?”


Social media and technology is a double edged sword. Let’s see this from another angle.

Social Media Youth Effects – Positive Side

There are endless options that social media provided youngsters to communicate. Facebook has given totally a whole new scenario to talk. Not forgetting, people can show case their talent with just a click.


YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and many other forums where youngsters enjoy their selves by sharing, posting, liking, and commenting. People can easily communicate to anyone, regardless of time, situation, or area. They just need full access of those apps and strong internet signals. 


For Business Talks

It is a hub to provide job opportunities, online works, or paid tasks – freelancing is the top most. Online meetings, motivational talks, presentation of works, speeches, debates, cross-talks, and what not. Everything is so easy with a wide flat screen, application, and internet. 


Business man drawing social network

Communications in Education

Distance learning is a far positive way to get educate if one cannot go there. Discussion forums brought ease in learning and one finds him/herself in relief when talking on a certain issue around the globe.


Summarized Talks

Not forgetting the summarized writing style. It has become a fashion to justify your long phrase with the use of abbreviations. For example, “Brb, gotta do smthn.” Started with Twitter 140 character limits, now many forums are bounding people to keep them within some word counts where people have to hang to the main crux and stuck to what they want to convey, regardless of grammar.


At a crux! There’s a whole bunch of list where we can relate as many examples as we want to show positive social media youth effects. TED Talks is growing ever faster to bring hope to the distress lives. Quora is platform to discuss about anything, rise questions and get your queries solved. Pinterest to shape your thoughts into funny graphical contents, gifs, memes, and serious notes.


But there’s another side of the wall. Let’s jump onto what social media done to our young generation.


Social Media Youth Effects – Negative Side

Where there’s good there’s bad. Youngsters are completely absorbed in this technology that they don’t have time to chat the people sitting beside them. People are more interactive on social media forums that have taken out the traditional way of chit chat and table talks. Other than this, social media youth effects are ever changing from person to person.


Social Media Youth Effects


Lost Social Skills

Graphical Talks

Youngsters are become roomies by laying in their comfy beds, lowering their heads on phones, and don’t care what has happening around them. They have lost charm in giving full attention to real time communications. On the average, a person look to his phone after every two minutes in a conversation. Instead of bringing closer, social media has taken away people we have near with us.

Graphical Talks

People are using filter to shape the lives into ones that they like. Snapchat is changing pretty faces by some fancy snaps. People share their daily activities in short stories and snaps. Such kinda apps rise fakeness to its peak.


Away From Nature

As people find everything with just a click on a flat screen, why they take time to leave the cozy place and go out for a jog, see sun rise or set, or a sea side picnic. Our young generation feel their selves closer to the nature by mere watching a video, listening to natural echoes, and viewing the photos.


On the remark! Not forgetting the positive sides of social media that brought ease to our lives, it has taken away the charm to live a day to its fullest. Hang out with families, going to parties, have an informational discussion, and many real life events are remain just words. There’s a dire need to convert the behavior young people are using social media into the positive ones. 


But above all,


Social media is a handcuff for the youngsters.