What is Windows 10 Dark Mode and How To Turn It On

Windows is always on the perpetual run to surprise their users by giving an unusual yet supportive thing to ease them. The latest item by Microsoft for its users is Windows 10 dark mode which is quite catchy and light for the eyes. Dark themes are very popular than ever these days which was first introduced with Insider preview build 17666. You can also use dark themes for several apps, Twitter, Outlook, browsers, and other operating systems.

What is Windows 10 Dark Mode?

Microsoft has a dark mode option in several previous versions but it is more common with Windows 10 1809. This dark theme turns the windows black by changing the background, menus, icons, and texts to a lighter tone by making everything shadowy. This dark mode is safe for eyes to strain especially for those who have long hours to look at their screens. In simple words, Windows 10 dark mode within several OS is a color customization option that turns the black background on and darkens the overall display.


Windows 10 Dark Mode

Note: Not every aspect in Windows 10 will change in the dark mode for instance File Explorer users will use the default color scheme. Third-party apps have their own built-in dark mode options.

How to Enable It Windows 10 Dark Mode?

For people who like to work in darker tones with contrasting appearance then they would simply enjoy its features. Here are the easy-peasy steps for you to activate the theme and enjoy living in dark.

  1. First, type Settings in the search bar at the bottom left corner and press Enter
  2. Select Settings from the appeared results
  3. Now, go to Personalization and then Colors
  4. Select Dark from the Choose Your Default App Mode and that’s it. It is quite easy to do and light for the eyes.

Default App Mode

Custom Accent Color

You can also change the accent color tone. Though Windows has a set of colors you can use but there is plenty of options to customize the accent color compatible with your Windows 10 dark mode.

  1. Open Settings and then go to Personalization
  2. Click on Colors
  3. Click the Custom color button under the Windows Colors
  4. Use a color pick to choose the color you want to use
  5. Simultaneously, you can look in Color Preview to see how this combination looks
  6. If you know the code of your desired color, you can change it in the More section
  7. Enter the RGB or HSV color you like to see
  8. Now, press Done to get it done

Enjoy your customized accent color with Windows 10 dark mode


Custom Accent Color

Custom Desktop Background Color

In Windows 10 new version, you can also use custom desktop background color or your choice. It was not available in the previous version.

  1. Go to Settings >> Personalization >> Background
  2. You can select Solid color under Background
  3. Or, you can also use custom color from the Custom Color option below
  4. Use a color picker to choose your desired color
  5. You can also see your color variation in the Preview at the same time
  6. You can also enter the RGB or HSV color if you know a unique color code
  7. Click Done once you set your desired color theme for your desktop background

Custom Desktop Background Color

Note: You cannot do all these settings if you are not running Windows 10 prior versions which were released in mid-April.

Quick Tip

Use Dark Mode in Microsoft Office:

  1. Open the Microsoft Office and select Options from the File tab
  2. Make sure to use the General section while you are doing this
  3. Now look for Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office
  4. Select Office Theme from this menu
  5. Toggle off Black to set all setting into black